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Ver. 6279 issues
Here are some issues and requests for the latest version...

Three Stop command is working properly. My bad.
1. Slicing Satin paths and complex fills leaves an open segment at the slice.. Nodes should be connected.
2. When the curved/cusp nodes of an open segment are joined, the handles become smooth instead of staying as they were. This changes the shape.
3. Slicing artwork is leaving a lot of extra nodes at the slice
4. Slicing a ttf capital A into three segments is impossible. Are the extra nodes confusing software?
5. Text spacing is still problematic. Adding/changing kerning marks will sometimes change the letter spacing of the whole line.
6. Perpendicular underlay with a complex fill will still fall outside the segment at certain angles.
7. When changing a font of a text segment, the font list will most always start at the beginning, even when deselected and reselected. Both TTF and Embroidery fonts.
8. The sequence view still shows segments in gray after they are deselected. The properties for these segments still show as well. This fools you into thinking you are changing the properties but there are no segments selected.
9. The stitch count for the selected segment doesn't update properly untill the segment is deselected and reselected.
10. Crashing when nudging multiple anchors, especially with run segments.
11. Generally becomes unstable over time, especially when using large files. Program crashes two to five times a day.
I would like to be able to change a segment color with the node select tool.
I would like to be able to CTL Click and drag multiple times with the node tool. After the first multiple node selection (clicking and drag a box around the nodes), you can only add one node at a time.
I would like to be able to grab and drag the sides of an envelope when using the Edit Envelope tool.
Ver. 6279 issues
I cannot seem to find the steil to satin path conversion anymore.
Ver. 6279 issues
When converting artwork segments to complex fills, some of the segments dissapear sometimes when more than two or three are converted at once.
Ver. 6279 issues
The Memento font is missing in version .6279

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