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HD Screen issue

I use an LG High Def monitor and when I minimize the DG16 window, it will not maximize again by clicking on the image in the task bar. It just makes the image in the task bar smaller and smaller each time I click on it. I must right click on the task bar and select maximize. It maximizes to the entire screen and not to the size I had set. If I move the DG16 window to my 2nd monitor. It works fine. Of course that monitor is at a lower resolution. I have a GEForce GTX 1660 graphics card with 8mb. DG15 worked fine with this configuration on this LG monitor.

I reduced the resolution of the monitor and it does the same thing unless I go really low. What's the point of having a good monitor if the program won't work in it? Yet version 15 did just fine.

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