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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 475
Learn what tools and features are available to Tajima DG15 by Pulse users, and how to access them in the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

How do I create a PulseCloud account?

Note: To create a PulseCloud account, you must have an activated Tajima DG15 by Pulse security device. You may purchase Tajima DG15 by Pulse by contacting your local Pulse distributor. (

When launching Tajima DG15 by Pulse for the first time, a pop up window will appear asking you to log into your PulseCloud account. New users must create an account by clicking the Register link at the bottom of the page. Please fill out all of the required information as indicated by a (*) symbol, and then click the Register button below to confirm. Note that your DG15 Authorization Code will be detected automatically, and should not be edited in order to complete registration successfully.

Once registration is complete, you will receive a verification email within 24 hours (usually instantly) to confirm your PulseCloud account. Click the link provided, or copy and paste the URL into a new internet browser window if required to verify your PulseCloud account. Once complete, you may log into your account using the username and password you set and begin using PulseCloud!

Alternatively, you may use the PulseCloud website ( to create a new account. Follow the same procedure to register, but please note that when using the PulseCloud website, your DG15 Authorization Code (security device number) will not be detected automatically. You must ensure this number is accessible in order to complete registration.

How do I access PulseCloud?

Tajima DG15 by Pulse users can access PulseCloud’s upload and download features within DG15 by selecting File -> Share -> PulseCloud.

In addition, PulseCloud and the WebApps can be accessed through any internet browser that supports HTML5 at A PulseCloud user account is required.

What devices can I access PulseCloud with?

PulseCloud can be accessed by any device with an HTML5 compatible internet browser. This includes desktop/laptop PCs, tablets and mobile phone devices.

Please note that uploading, downloading and viewing designs with PulseCloud requires an internet connection. You may be charged applicable usage rates by your Internet Service Provider or Mobile Carrier for any internet usage that results from the use of PulseCloud.

How much does PulseCloud cost?

PulseCloud is available to Tajima DG by Pulse users free of charge for as long as your software is up to date. If your software is not kept up to date, you will be given advanced notification and time to download all of your designs before your account is closed.

Is PulseCloud connected to Dropbox?

PulseCloud is not connected to Dropbox, as it is a separate cloud storage system that is designed specifically for embroidery files. Using PulseCloud gains you access to a variety of embroidery tools and apps that other cloud storage systems cannot access, such as the PulseCloud Embroidery Editor application and machine status information.

Dropbox integration is also included within Tajima DG15 by Pulse as a separate service. DG15 users are able to upload and download files from Dropbox within DG15 as well, which may be useful to hold other important files such as graphic files (jpeg, png, etc.) spreadsheets, or customer quotes.

What machine statistics can I see?

PulseCloud keeps track of a number of machine statistics, which update each time an event occurs. An event can be defined as any change in the working status of the machine that causes it to start or stop.

If a machine stops, PulseCloud will display the reason for stoppage and a timestamp to notify the user of how long the downtime has lasted. Reasons may include, but are not limited to: thread breaks, emergency stops, or design completion. In addition, the design currently being worked on will be displayed as a preview image that shows the sewing progress up until the last event.

What do I have access to with PulseCloud?

PulseCloud currently grants you access to the following features and applications:

Upload/Download PXF files from the Cloud.
Browse and view uploaded PXF files in browser.
Tag, organize and comment on uploaded files.
Machine Status list
Machine Events list
Send Design to Machine Queue
View Machine Queue
Embroidery Editor – online template based editing application

More features and applications will be added to PulseCloud over time. These additions will be updated automatically on our web servers when available, and will not require an additional download. Features and application availability is subject to change without notice. Some future applications may require an additional purchase.

How many designs can I upload to PulseCloud?

PulseCloud offers space for up to 100,000 designs. Need more space? Contact us about our Enterprise Services!

What file types can I upload?

Currently, PulseCloud supports .PXF files.

How can I find my designs?

PulseCloud contains an advanced tagging feature, which enables you to assign multiple identifying keywords to every design you have uploaded. These tags can be selected to filter the design list for easy access to the designs you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a theme rather than a specific design, PulseCloud includes thumbnail view as well, so you can see a preview of each design before selecting one.

How secure are my designs?

PulseCloud uses Amazon S3 secure servers to store your embroidery designs, and each file is encrypted when transferring between the server and PulseCloud. All saved designs are completely private and can only be accessed through your unique PulseCloud account.

What format do my files have to be in for the Embroidery Editor to recognize them?

In order to use the template feature of the Embroidery Editor, text must be saved as an Element within your .PXF file. Other portions of the design do not require any adjustments.

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