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Tajima Software
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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
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HELP! How to Find Training for Your Embroidery Software

So you have recently purchased embroidery software…Congrats! Now how do you use it?

There are several ways to find help with using your software from both the manufacturer side and the distributor that you purchased from. Whether you’re new to embroidery or if you’re an expert looking to brush up on a specific skill, there are plenty of helpful options available to you.

1. Manuals

The online help for your embroidery software should have a search function that will help if you are looking for a specific function, like how to add a stop command to your design. You can also find a glossary if there are any terms or functions in your software that you need help understanding.

2. Webinars

Manufacturers, distributors, and trainers of apparel decoration software often hold webinars to introduce new products or to highlight important features within their product. Webinars are an excellent opportunity to ask questions about software in a live environment.

3. Videos

YouTube has become a great source of training for several different software manufacturers. You can find longer introductions to new software or short and specific videos on how to use a specific tool or feature. These are especially helpful if you have two monitors and can watch a video as you create your design.

4. Social Media

Social media can be an excellent source of two way communication between a customer and a business or trainer. If you have a specific question that you can’t find an answer to, it is definitely worth reaching out to an expert on Twitter or Facebook to ask for assistance.

5. In-Person Training

Many distributors offer in-person training to customers and can usually be counted on to talk you through any and all questions you have about your new software. Depending on the distributor and the location, this training could be done at your place of business or the headquarters of the distributor.

6. Distributor Websites

Most distributor websites will have an automated support system where you can submit tickets if you are having trouble with your software. Oftentimes, what seems like a big issue can be cleared up rather quickly by talking to a person in support or training.

7. Professional Trainers and Educational Courses

There are a number of third party trainers and educators who can be hired to teach individuals or groups of employees about the embroidery software and machines they are using. Trainers often own or manage their own embroidery business as well, and can offer practical tips and insights from their years of experience in the industry.

As a new software owner, there are many options available to you in terms of training. The more skilled you and your employees are with your digitizing software, the higher quality of products you can create. Remember to take advantage of any opportunities you may have to improve your skills!
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