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Posts: 6
Our start page is only showing new file, open file and recent files on the left hand side. The rest of the start page tab area is blank. In the the past, this area has shown things such as those listed below.

I was wondering is this is intentional and permanent, or is there an effort underway to reactivate this functionality in some way, perhaps an enhancement?
Maybe the old web link is being converted to a new one?
Maybe this is connected to the old http://community.pulsemicro.com/ webpage not being available, I don't really know.


software Tajima DG/ML Version 14 by Pulse Maestro Beta


About the Start Page (I copied this from the help file, to illustrate the kind of things that were there before)
The start page will open first each time you start up the Tajima DG/ML by Pulse software. The Start Page remains open, in its own tab, while you are working with your designs.
The Start page tab, unlike the design tabs, is always open and cannot be closed.
The Start Page gives useful information and tips intended to make working with Tajima DG/ML by Pulse easier.
The Start Page automatically connects to the Internet and downloads up-to-date information.
Features on the Start Page:
• New file: Creates a new, untitled, design in a design window.
• Open file: Displays a Windows browser dialog, from which you can choose an existing design file to open.
• Recent Files: Displays the last four design files that were open. Click one of these design names to open the file.
• Register: Opens the Pulse registration page.
• Community: Opens the Pulse Community web page in your default browser. In the Pulse Community, you can read blogs and forums about the Pulse software, and join one of the groups.
• Pulse Live Support: Opens the Pulse Live Support page in your default web browser. Enter your name, email address, and telephone, and you can ask questions of the online support staff.
• Free design: Opens a new tab in the workspace, from which you can download a free embroidery design - a new design appears every week [I believe this may have been discontinued].
• Pulse Today: A new article appears daily, with information and hints to help you get the most out of your embroidery software.
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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 457

Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 457
Hello TOGMark,

Thanks for your concern!

We're currently working on updating the PulseToday page for some users, and it should begin displaying again in the near future.
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