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Posts: 4
Hello how are you? My name is Marcelo Scarpato I am from Argentina.
I am Pulse Tajima DGML V 16 user and I am experimenting a really frustrating situation.
We are not being able to use the software for the past 3 days because of a trouble with the security key, as you can imagine this is completely insane.
We have about 80 tajima embroidery heads wich are not being able to work properly because we cant make any changes to the designs either make any new samples.
This situation is causing us a very severe harm with our customers and of course with the production of our factory.
We have contacted Julieta mattina from realtex (they sold us tajima machines and pulse software) and they reponse very fast and kindly. She told us she made contact with pulse but they are not responding in a good way.
At this point actually I don’t know what else to do, we are losing money and trust of our customers.
Looking forward for a fast solution, thanks a lot.
Best regards, Marcelo Scarpato.

By December of 2022 we experienced a similar condition, now again. This cant continuos this way.

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