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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 471

Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 471
A new maintenance release is now available for Tajima DG16 by Pulse! Download it today from the PulseCloud download page:

Maintenance Release Highlights:
  • Barcode from Folder Option to Preserve PXF Files.
  • Integration of i-TM (Intelligent Thread Management) Settings.
  • Read Start/End and RPM Messages from TCF Files.
  • Show Arbitrary Block Settings Dialog from Stitch List.
  • Stitch Generation Problem with Combined Satin Paths.
  • Saving PXF to TCF Changes Color Sequence.
  • Align to Segment for Text.
  • Updated Font Help.
  • Scale Alignment Values when Scaling Design.
  • Various Stability Improvements.

Many more changes have been made as well, which you can see by clicking the Detailed Change List on PulseCloud or downloading the attachment here.
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