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Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 475

Tajima Software
Tajima Software
Posts: 475
The Tajima DG15 by Pulse forums are a place where garment decoration professionals can discuss a variety of topics that are important to their businesses. We ask that you please follow the guidelines below to ensure a pleasant and educational experience for all of our users. These rules and guidelines are enforced by administrators and moderators, who may delete and/or edit posts that don’t comply with the rules without warning. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a ban from the forums.

Please note that these are international forums, so forum posts may be written in languages other than English. However, English is the most common language among users of this website and will in most cases result in the best participation and responses.

This forum is open for anyone to read, but only users of Tajima DG16, DG15, DG/ML14 and DG/ML13 (2009) by Pulse may comment or create topics. This is to ensure conversations stay relevant to all users and to reduce spam messages. If you are a Tajima DG by Pulse user and you are unable to post currently, please let us know via PM (Private Message) which version of DG you have and your security device number. We will adjust your permissions accordingly.

Forum Etiquette:
Respect other forum users and expect respect in return. Participation in any of the following behaviours may result in suspension or banning from the forums:

Hate Speech – Do not write insulting or hostile messages aimed to hurt or offend other users or groups of users. This includes, but is not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, personal beliefs, comments, or any other attack on a user/group’s character. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with someone and debate is encouraged, but please do so politely by responding to their topic with logic rather than attacking their character.

Inappropriate Language - Please refrain from using inappropriate language, and do not bypass our filters. This forum is for people of all ages, and excessive swearing or crude language may result in moderation actions.

Caps Lock - Please ensure caps lock is off when posting. Caps lock is regarded as yelling online, and thus your words can be taken in the wrong context and become hurtful if presented in all caps.

No Spamming – Do not post advertisements or referral links to other services or programs. Posts may also count as spamming if they are extremely short and/or do not contribute to the thread topic in any meaningful way. Do not post just to increase your post count, as your posts may be removed if we deem they are unhelpful and contributing messages.

Inappropriate Images - Do not post inappropriate images or content. This site is for professionals of all ages and should be kept safe for work at all times.

Personal Information - Please do not post personal information on the forums. Your privacy is important to us, and Pulse Microsystems employees will never ask you to post your personal details on the forums. Support issues that require personal information details will only be handled through private Zendesk support tickets.

If another user is not following the rules, please use the report feature to let the admins know of the situation. Do not encourage or aggravate the user further, as this may result in moderation actions being required on both users.

If you have any questions about the rules of this forum, please contact an administrator for assistance.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy each visit to our forums!
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